" I arise today, blessed by all things"

By Stephen Garlow

“I arise today, blessed by all things”

Bitter cold (minus 10), greetings and final gulps of coffee, bundled up, set out on a trail illuminated by full moon,  quickly warming up, frost forming on mustaches and mufflers,  crunching through a crust of light snow and frozen prairie grasses

“Somewhere, out at the edges, the night is turning and waves of darkness begin to brighten the shore of dawn”

The moon is brilliant, like a spotlight in the sky.  A squawk, flapping of wings, as two eagles take flight. A sudden reminder that we are the intruders in their home. We get quiet, alert to our surroundings, mindful that the majestic birds were here long before we arrived on the banks of the Kaw

Over our shoulders, way past our beginning, the wonder of Sunrise does not disappoint
The expected lightening, as night quickly loosens it’s grip
A small brightness appears, and rapidly ascends, reflecting on the river ice, charging toward us and then over and past us
We dance, we hoot, we howl at Brother Sun and Sister Moon
We are filled with the joy of our first adventure of the new year
And all we had to do was show up


-Words in quotations from John O'Donohue

Kaw Thunder - CBA0F1D0-48B6-4F18-AB2B-5A1E2D7E62C4_preview.jpeg
Kaw Thunder - 5E6215EC-BBC6-45B1-BF68-22D2A00740DB_preview.jpeg
Kaw Thunder - 857E53BB-3207-4AB8-8964-C9C1DFD16A72_preview.jpeg
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