By: Bob Dinsdale

We walked in, trudging down the levee, our flashlights prodding the darkness, looking for the left turn. Then it was down the grassy slope and into the woods to the bike path. Straining to recall whether the big uphill right hand turn was going out or coming back. Tracking and backtracking, we eventually found the boardwalk that would take us through the clearing. Down the broad shouldered bank and onto the sandbar. The fire launched its sparks to the Milky Way and I saw how big this land can be. Beer bottles clinked, dogs ol-factorized, and we got acquainted with our fellow trekkers and bikers.

Then I saw the undulating flickers of a group of riders as they gamboled their way through the forest uphill and down. Their light line took a right hand turn down the bank and joined the roaring fire and the Milky Way.


jenna goodman