Saturday Cheers Gravel Bike Adventure

Saturday Cheers Gravel Bike Adventure

By: Warren Wiebe

Meets up on Tennessee Street early each Saturday morning. The first item is making sure everybody knows your name - especially if it's your first time. Starting early in the morning opens up a new perspective on familiar ground and introduces new places many people haven't seen before.

You don't have to be a cyclist or have a special bike to try it. One of the veterans is a runner who many years ago said "I'm interested but don't have a bike." The Runner was loaned a mountain bike by another rider and a year later was still riding it on Saturday mornings. The Runner eventually bought the loaner mountain bike and the rest is history.

The Runner, and everybody else, remembers what it's like to get up early and head to Tennessee Street the first time. That memory is why we make sure you know we're glad you came.

Early morning gravel adventures may not be for everybody - but if you're the least bit interested, give it a try (maybe in good weather the first time). Often the most memorable part of adventure is the people you meet along the way - especially when everybody knows your name.

jenna goodman