Celebrating Outdoor Adventure through Story-telling

38N is an idea and an event.   The idea is to celebrate backyard adventure through story telling.   Local, self-propelled, self-supported adventure. Adventure entirely within the state of Kansas!    You tell the story of your adventure! Be imaginative. It is your adventure, it is your story to tell however you wish to tell it.   On September 28th we will celebrate all submissions at our inaugural event. Awards will be presented, the stories told, new friends made and old friends to hang with.


  • Encouraging Outdoor Adventure which is local (Kansas), self-supported and self-propelled

  • Story-telling about your Outdoor Adventure which is creative, imaginative and original.  Story-telling submissions may use Visual Art or Words (written or spoken)

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Have you ever been told, "I've been to Kansas,  by way of I-70 on the way to Colorado", and been glad that your secret spot has yet to be discovered by those frequenting the highways of the plains? Have you spent many a night regaling friends with stories of your outdoor Kansan adventures, from float trips to rural road biking adventures? Do you find fierce pride in being a Kansan? Do you frequently find yourself day-dreaming at work, wistfully looking out the window planning your  next great escape?  Then 38 North is for you to share your stories, and hear of new ways your fellow adventurers are exploring this "fly-over" state.  Honestly, let them fly over, because we are having too much fun on the ground without crowding the trails.


Anyone who has a story to tell of spending time outside in Kansas. Bucking the trajectory of technology, frequent flyer miles, and commercialized outdoor activity, 38 North is for anyone and everyone who enjoys the Kansas outdoors.Solo, adventures, with family and friends; however you imagine and execute your adventure is accepted. 38 North is open to participation by everyone, of any age. Participants submitting an entry do not need to reside in Kansas, but the adventure must take place in Kansas.




Submissions will be categorized as: Best Written, Best Oral,  and Best Visual Storytelling, with an overall People's Choice Best Adventure winner. From short essays and monologues to  photography and documentaries- we are want to see it! Hop on over to our "Celebrated Stories" section to  get a little inspired. We will also be updating our Adventure Blog with stories of the adventures the 38 North founders find in the great outdoors.   If you find that expressing your story a different way is warranted, shoot us an email. We are here for the adventurous spirit and if you feel so inclined to share yours, we are open to it!  


Inspired by the adventures recorded and reminisced through large adventure festivals in far off places, a group of rag-tag Outdoor Kansas-Loving individuals came together with the sole purpose of celebrating the available adventures right outside our backdoor along the 38 corridor, cutting right through the heart of our fair state. A fierce loyalty to the idea that adventure can be found anywhere, 38 North came about with the sole purpose of celebrating the stories, adventures, and mishaps that happen when exploring the great Kansas landscape. Born from the idea that adventure doesn't have to happen in far-off places with expensive equipment and a maxed out credit card, we are here to salute the creativity, passion, and loyal pride to the adventures happening right here, in Kansas.  Join us in celebrating the pioneering spirit that resides here in Kansas, by submitting your own stories, encouraging others to adventure, and  enjoying the great Kansan outdoors. Join us.



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In a counter-intuitive way, one inspiration for 38N is the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which combines adventurous outdoor experiences and excellence in story-telling.  IN CONTRAST, 38N emphasizes Adventure where we live, not in exotic locales. 38N seeks to encourage backyard adventures, starting from the end of your driveway or only a couple of hours away.  38N emphasizes self-support, and does not require specialized gear and financing, or outfitters and film crews.

Another inspiration for 38N is the Norwegian cultural phenomenon of Friluftsliv.

“Free-loofts-live” is loosely translated as “open air life”

  • Friluftsliv embraces nature and enjoys the outdoors as a way of life
  • Friluftsliv offers the possibility of recreation, rejuvenation and restoring balance among living things.
  • Friluftsliv is not dependent on large expenses for traveling and equipment – you just go and get outside
  • Friluftsliv includes family and friends, and is easily accessible and available to all
  • Friluftsliv is not dependent on organizations; it is possible for individuals to choose their own time and place for practicing it